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Saturday, January 26, 2008



The streets are joyous, full of fun.

I hear laughter wherever I go.

I could not ask for more.
I walk to the door of our home,
Then, before I enter,
I picture you and hear your warm,

With racing mind and energetic flesh –
In delight I can not believe!
I burn intensely! I am acido bambino!

You want to stay, to be my friend.

When we sit down for sandwiches
And the simple glass of water
We note that future ages will note,
Our table talk was bound for grandeur,
mere words attain immortality.

Everything we do dissolves
distinctions between yours and mine.

I see out the window, bright light
illuminates the sceene.
I need no coin for the wishing well.
My goal is close at hand.

I have never witnessed such
contentment on a woman’s face.

The webradio forecasts sunny days.
Now I know the poet’s proclamation,
the meaning of new morning.
Grace so freely disposed that though
unworthy and lost
I learned vocabulary of redemption
by the bounty of your love.

Despite your troubles and your travels,
We laugh together at the physical
distance between us.
A part of you always stays with me.

I take you in my arms and hold you,
Like I hold you in this verse of mine.
Let me take you in my arms and tell you
How much I have missed you since
we have been apart.

Saturday, January 19, 2008



If God did not love you
How could you have done
All the good you have done?

May Peace be with you.
May heart and joy always possess you,
And nothing ever frighten you again.

*Fus'ha (Classical) Arabic is IPA:
[ʔæsːæˈlæːmʊ ʕæˈlæɪkʊm]

Monday, January 14, 2008



Petal, now that is a great name for a woman.

It is not yours, but it is great nonetheless.

Should you really believe you might leave,
Allow me to be home alone for months on end,
And expect me to await your every return,
Happy to collect you at the airport,
Joyous when you walk through the door,
You very well might be sorely mistaken.
It appears you have love you cannot keep.

You have been so selfish in your pursuits.
"How long, pray, will you take advantage
of my patience?"
You hardly wrote to me at all, and I gather
Some of my letters to you have not been read
And many of the topics I raised not addressed.

You have been warned, time and again.
Our life together has been too tightly wound.
Your busy schedule precludes common wisdom.
You have forgotten that we are only passing by,
That we walk these streets but a few times.

The fact remains I can not take your absence.
I miss the warmth of your flesh next to mine.
My heart breaks when I turn my head in bed,
And see the pillow empty, without your face.

And now it is very early morning
And, you know me, that I speak truth
When I say 'I have not slept for days.'
Tomorrow I go to meet Pastor Borner and then
I have an appointment with my Doctor,
And although my face might not show
how tired I actually am
I really have no way to disguise my sadness.

Maybe you will get one more chance,
But, then again, maybe not.
The love affair seems over.
Woe takes the place
where happiness once reigned.

This thing of ours is unlikely, ever again,
to be the same.

Friday, January 11, 2008



Bear me, quickly hence!
Oh! Some god, bear me
To lovely bedroom scene,
To where Love sits,
Combing her beauteous hair.

Take me, oh merciful divinity!
Take me to where
Grace reigns among her peers
With wit and mind, unparalleled.

The stillness of her flesh,
The steady rhythm of breath,
Cosmic glory of her face,
Supreme, she sleeps
Unmatched, without rival.

Serve me! Transport me,
By heaven powered, ecstatic,
To her bed, my body, transport it,
Place it, my body! Place it
Next to hers. Ready it for love!

Next to her in repose,
My soul lodges happily,
She is a towering keep.
No storm, no force of arms
Disturbs her enclosure.
In her embrace, life secure,
Peace of mind, assured.

Oh force divine, deliver me
To her safe fortress!
The stronghold mortal monarchs
Merely hope to attain.

Make me, me the envy of kings!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008



Would you but bale the hay, darling,

And put the pumpkin atop
So I would know where to experience
The true worth of a loving heart.

Or better yet! Why not erect a pumpagubben
Right at the very center of your being?

And there forever might I sample your wares

And feast the bounty of your great beauty.
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