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Saturday, May 24, 2008



I sing tonight. It's the ol' babalu.
Though tired and drawn, I am called.

There's a knock at the door.
The prophecy takes hold.
The school lessons progress.
The command of language multiplies.
The student seems eager.
Dimension gains hold.
Dreams of tomorrow grow.
Wishes come true.
New life looms on the horizon.
Fantasy now reality.
The promises burgeon.
There is pregnancy of parts,
And ocean of delight.

Hello! Darling, hello!

'Kiss me once, kiss me twice.
Then kiss me once again.’
I want your lips on mine.

‘It's been a long, long time.'

Thursday, May 15, 2008



He is lonesome.

He misses you terribly.
He awaits your return to his arms.
He knows why your love seems so right
He loves you. You are his heart.
He can not feel a thing without you.

That you should call him 'dear'
Makes him one of the luckiest men alive!

You alone possess his soul.
You reside at center of his thoughts.
You are his every emotion.
You are his goddess;
You are his dream come true.

You are the love of his life.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008



Abide with me for fast falls eventide.

Darkness deepens with alacrity,
Nothing halts the night.

Stay with me while time yet allows,

When other helpers fail,
And other comforts flee.
Allow me to mean the best,
Help where others only helpless seem.

I want to be alone with you.

Though so many things to tell,

One thing sums it right,
One thing huge, deep and great,
Like the sea, my heart embraces you.

You, my love, are all my life today.

Allow my help, I mean to assuage

What ever wrongs cause distress,
Spare your soul from bottom and regret.

When hopeless seems word of day,
I wish to assure, readily predict,
Though this but one moment seem,
It be no moment at all, but infinite,
Happy outcome, your grandfather’s dream,
Favor divine and knowledge at sunrise.

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