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Friday, August 29, 2008



The first time I saw you.
It was in a remote world;
It was years ago.

You, yourself, were manifest in a niche
In a Hindu temple, a marble figure,
With your eyes carved wide-open.
You were adorned in regal, pageant gown,
Dyed violet, it matched the color of your eyes.

Brass bowls of red-hot coals burned
Perfumed joss sticks at your feet.

Your supplicants cued from portal to portal arch,
They humbly awaited chance to implore good fortune.

And they carried on polished metal trays
Oblations of fresh-cut flowers and I remember seeing
Strings of marigolds, cluster upon cluster of pompons,
And with them bunch of large lotus flowers.

They offered all kind of fruit.
There were bananas, coconuts, and pomegranates.

All was splashed with bright vermilion powder,
As if to inform the procession,
To remind those petitioners that once,
That once, it was not so long ago,
Blood had sanctified the sacrifice.

And me, I await, patient.
I am just another mortal, who prays for your favor,
Hope to tease meaning from your stare,
I desire, I wish for you to bless me,
While, like those other who beseech you, I stare intently,
My eyes dwell upon your motionless and painted face.

I go deep within my pocket to pull wrapped, hard candy,
Add it to my tray of gifts, and excitedly exclaim, tell
The temple priests, I wear appropriate raiment,

That my nostrils detect your mango fragrance!

And in the clamor, coming up, almost inaudible,
Against the background noises of the street,
I believe I hear your coded parlance, 'I miss you'.
You tell me, you miss me.

I am on my knees and I pray,

Goddess, Love, grant me the serenity
To accept the long absence
Before you are flesh in my arms again,

The courage to change those things about me
So better to pray and be proper devotee,

And the wisdom to remain faithfully yours,
To be yours and yours alone, today, tomorrow,
Whatever obstacles may bar the way,
Stay a course steadfast and loyal, fervently always.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008



I dreamed you were pulled

From the bridal bed and out of the house screaming.

You were carried off through the pathless desert.
It was night with little moon;
Darkness hid the cacti,
Making them all the more dangerous to life and limb.

The temperature had dropped to freezing in the Sonora.

I could hear you call my name.

I had been cheated at the moment when promise of life
Happiest, the fulfillment of holy, holy prophecy.

I had been promised children,
One to be monarch of new Golden Age,
A child to whom future ages might do homage.

I did not hesitate, but marshaled my forces
I frantically shouted with all my might 'Help!'
I was hoping to rescue you,
My beautiful wife, the love of my life.

Still perfumed and boutonnière,
Heady with the day's excitement,
Like some native sorcerer, a shaman
Whose vision had been magically enhanced
Through ritual drink, I could see in the darkness.
I ran headlong, inner light to guide me.

I chased the phantom that possessed you.

Your beauty, the allure of your physical self,
Your large brown eyes and olive complexion,
Your brunet tresses running down to your shoulders,
-- drapery of oh so special, awesome pulchritude –
The thought of your high intelligence,
Its value to material success in my life,
Your undeniable charm, your grace,
The mercy, at core, inspiration of my poetic ambitions,
Propelled me, you, the dream of you,
It animated my heart and lungs with incredible vigor.

I and my comrades launched search after search,
Soon the whole community joined to assist
For eight days we scoured the landscape,
Reaching down the most perilous ravines,
Walking the vast expanse for miles around
In the heat people fell to the ground exhausted.

We never found you.

I went to the priests and sought advice;
I prayed to the Savior, but it was no avail.

You were gone; we felt you were no longer with us.
I knew it yet could not let you go. I pinned.

I learned time had never been a friend.

Because these, all my efforts proved futile,
I am now a broken man, dead unto myself,
Unfit, and utterly homeless, my life now at end,
Devastated, no other woman may ever have me.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008



“Good Bye!” What do you mean, ‘Good Bye’?

But, ….but, you made me do it!

Honey! I’ve got to talk to you!
A minute, let me explain.

I’m buying drinks for everybody in the house!

Whatever I said about your past,
Please, forget it! Truth is I was afraid.

Forgive me!

I’ve got no past;
I feared I wasn’t good enough for you.

Gimmie! Gimmie! What I cry for,
You know you made me love you.



The corporal, he saw time,
He saw thirty seconds, he saw temporal instance,
He saw the spin, the vortex, the event plane,
Where all else was disappearing, but it was real,
Just like any other object in the book of life.

He was turning the corner into his living room,
He saw the couch become clear light,
Transparent, a configuration of lines,
Blue lines on white background, and at the bottom,
Right hand corner a lined, rectangular box spelled out
Blanks to be composed at latter time,

Corporal walked out of the dream,
He slipped into another familiar space,
He lay upon the bed on his back,
He bent forwards and touched he feet,
He grasped his toes. He was smarting;

He was hurting all over! He suffered!
It seemed every muscle, every joint ache.

My! What a plethora of subjects crossed his mind.

The corporal, he saw every crack and crevice of heaven.
He rolled up, brought knees to chest, and then a flash,
He caught such gigantic power
He broke the bubble and went beyond,
He went way beyond the stars, he walked a field,
The wheat had grown up to his waist,
He ran full speed, and he could see himself,
He could see himself stark, dark figure in the distance,
While he ran, he ran, break neck, towards horizon,
Horizon of black-and-yellow, checker-board-colored sky.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008



When I remember the scenes of our life together,
I imagine them happening on the silver screen.
You stand up close against me,
A white shirt, a subtle smile,
And look to me warmly and say
Words the heroine whispers to the hero.

I hear violins when you kiss me.

Were it possible, these,
The flickering moments to capture,
I would replay this celluloid forever.

Monday, August 18, 2008



Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye,

Since dawn of humanity, since time immemorial,
Playwrights and poets have oft repeated,
Proclaimed similar sentiment and theme!

I lay no claim of talent equal to theirs.

I merely place my verse, a part of this tradition.
I write pages, and wish today, a modest contribution,
I add another chapter to the big-book history of love.

Darling, know what it’s like to hurry home
Hoping to lean on the one you adore
Only to find an empty room, waiting and waiting?

Love, shall we deny it when it visits?

Shall we not take what we are given?

In the day light, or beneath the stars,
However daily business overwhelms the hours,
Love, there is only love, all else unreal.

What is life, but being near you?

Oh! That I have been given to you and you to me,
How sacred the exchange, how holy the alliance!

Friday, August 15, 2008

VENUS III, A Response

VENUS III, A Response

How are you going to be a great poet,
When you've got no inspiration,
And you're tired, and it's late, and
Night after night your mind runs blank?

How is it you find yourself stuck
That same old, worn-out theme, writer’s block,
When you should recall instead that glorious goddess
With whom you spent yesterday morning talking,
While on the grass, warmed all over, blessed by
The rays of an eleven-o’clock summer sun?

She’s got it! Beauty, and love,
She’s fire, she’s my desire.

Thursday, August 14, 2008



Abide with me for fast falls eventide.
Darkness deepens with alacrity,
Nothing halts the night.

Stay with me while time yet allows,
When other helpers fail,
And other comforts flee.
Allow me to mean the best,
Help where others only helpless seem.

I want to be alone with you.

Though so many things to tell,
One thing sums it right,
One thing huge, deep and great,
It's with ocean of delight,
My heart embraces you.

You, my love, are all my life today.

Allow my help, I mean to assuage
What ever wrongs cause distress,
Spare your soul from bottom and regret.

When hopeless seems word of day,
I wish to assure, readily predict,
Though this but one moment seem,
It be no moment at all, but infinite.

Happy outcome, your every secret dream,
An absolute alignment, God's will be done,
That power to carry it out,

And to top it off!

May you receive the greatest gift,
That you love prayer and proclaim,
When sun arise and you wake to day,
Thank you, Lord, for life,
And all you have done for me.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008



Let me write a quick note,
And simply say I adore you.

Let me take this moment, or two,
To tell you, 'You are the best thing,
That has ever happened in my life!'

And may God forgive me,
For I have no wish to disdain His greatest gift,
Yet would I gladly give up my life for yours.

Allow me to present this simple interlude,
A paean to the experience,
The joy of having had splendid fortune,
How wonderful the time I spend with you!
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