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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

HOW TO TEST BEADS: Glass, Stone or Plastic

Sunday, November 8, 2015

LOVE POETRY Video Update with Closed Captioning


How about some love poetry?

Right now I am so desperate for your touch

That I can barely speak, let alone write a thing.

I could walk out the door into the hallway

And scream with such ferocity

The neighbors might think

I have taken leave of my senses.

When I think of food,

Nothing compares to how I savor you.

When I contemplate delightful vision,

You are the only vision in my eyes.

I love all music,

But no sound is better than your voice.

I await every telephone call,

And lead you with questions,

Just to hear the timbre of your talk, which I adore.

Nothing makes me sadder than a bad connection.

Oh! Baby!  I love your smell.

Intoxicated and pathetic, I make the bed,

And fluff the pillows,

I do so expecting the redolence of you.

And when you are gone,

Even after a day or two,

And your aroma is lost I am lost, too.

At wits end, I circle the bed,

And pace the bedroom floor, like some pet

Whose master has not returned home.

I am frantic without the fresh smell of you.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

TODAY'S SCENERY [Video Has Closed Captions]

Click the "Captions Icon" to "ON" at the bottom of the video, if not already playing. 20 February 2014, My YouTube Channel, Stanley Pacion, counts 223,000 + Hits, Single Page Visits SUBSCRIBE, Please. Full Text WORDS HERE (Show More) ~~ Or ~  ~~ ~~ India EveryDay: 

See the features of the landscape before you.
Delight in the moment. 
Honor all things as fresh and new.
One thing certain,
No matter how far and long you may travel,
Or if for years you just remain
Within the walls of your home and garden,
You will never pass by today's scenery again.
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