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Sunday, November 8, 2015

LOVE POETRY Video Update with Closed Captioning


How about some love poetry?

Right now I am so desperate for your touch

That I can barely speak, let alone write a thing.

I could walk out the door into the hallway

And scream with such ferocity

The neighbors might think

I have taken leave of my senses.

When I think of food,

Nothing compares to how I savor you.

When I contemplate delightful vision,

You are the only vision in my eyes.

I love all music,

But no sound is better than your voice.

I await every telephone call,

And lead you with questions,

Just to hear the timbre of your talk, which I adore.

Nothing makes me sadder than a bad connection.

Oh! Baby!  I love your smell.

Intoxicated and pathetic, I make the bed,

And fluff the pillows,

I do so expecting the redolence of you.

And when you are gone,

Even after a day or two,

And your aroma is lost I am lost, too.

At wits end, I circle the bed,

And pace the bedroom floor, like some pet

Whose master has not returned home.

I am frantic without the fresh smell of you.

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