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Friday, February 29, 2008



Do you trust me?
Do you have a single doubt,
I love you? Do I forsake you,
Or fail to keep my word?

I feel within me,
Light has dispelled darkness.

For a thousand different reasons,
And just one, I love you most of all
Because you’re you.
I sing like Elvis,
But I am never done,
I love you the way you are, dear.
I have no rhyme or reason.
No matter what the world say about me,
Most of all I love you
Because you’re you.

On our first date,
It rained the entire day.
We drove Jersey’s back roads
And highways. We talked business.
We praised the special light,
And thanked God for blessing,
For the Grace, which befell us.

Though we are separated now,
You have my love. I adore you.

You could send a Private Eye
To track my days and nights,
You could send a troop,
Special Forces to search and seek
Any rugged terrain where I might hide,
Give them night vision goggles
So to visit every nook,
Every recess of my soul,
And all they will find, my love,
My love for you.

Friday, February 22, 2008



How are you going to be a great poet
When you've got no inspiration,
And you're tired, and it's late, and
Night after night your mind runs blank?

Why do you write about writer's block,
Instead of this glorious goddess with whom
You spent yesterday morning talking,
While on the grass basking in the rays
Of an eleven-o'clock summer sun?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008



When I remember the scenes of our life together,
I imagine our life happening on the silver screen.
You stand up close against me,
A white shirt, a subtle smile,
And look to me warmly and say
Words the heroine whispers to the hero.

I hear violins when you kiss me.

Were it possible, these,
The flickering moments to capture,
I would replay this celluloid forever.

Friday, February 15, 2008



Out in Arizona my Dad grew roses,
He always espoused the great merit,
Loved to say
How he enjoyed cultivating his own garden.

That spot he tended along side the house,

It was the love of his retirement.

I saw those roses disporting,
Performing and they were real pretty,
But I must say aloud,
They never flowered, like you
Like you, my beloved.

This verse is term of endearment.

Thursday, February 7, 2008



I have an astounding dream to report.
It has me running in the semi-darkness
With a key in my hand. It's a cylindrical key,
And has a single, protruding notch at its end,
The kind of key used to wind an antique clock.

Next to the wall at the end of my run stands
a giant, cartoon heart,
Painted, yet color so natural, it rivals
the red of a Red Delicious apple.

On the right at the top of this wondrous heart
A gold metal strike plate sets up over against
an aperture, the channel,
Which leads to the lock that might open your heart.

Have I the key? Or do I dream only to wake
To nightmare day of awful longing and ache?

Have I lost my mind? Has logic betrayed me?
Do I confuse dream wish with reality?

Darling, answer me soon! Does deep desire
Verge on truth? Will anxiety cease,
And promise of new, peaceful kingdom be
fulfilled, here, in this query today?

Now I stand before you, You, my Higher Power,
And the congregates sense the blasphemy; they
Whisper calumnies. They say
that I am my father’s son,
He is the boy from the hardware store!
Who bestows on him authority
to tell midnight imaginings?

And me, their belligerence does not concern me,
Not a whit, though they rise up
and ready to condemn me.
I pray ... I might have definite answer,
That I am prophet in this house,
That I may begin this, my public ministry, positive,
Carry hope for life anew,
And have news extraordinary for all to hear.

Down a space eclipsed in semi-darkness, I run
I have a key in my hand. It's cylindrical,
A single, protruding notch at its end,
The kind used to wind an antique clock.

Darling, please, your answer!
Have I the key to open your heart,
Or do I dream the impossible dream?

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