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Wednesday, August 27, 2008



I dreamed you were pulled

From the bridal bed and out of the house screaming.

You were carried off through the pathless desert.
It was night with little moon;
Darkness hid the cacti,
Making them all the more dangerous to life and limb.

The temperature had dropped to freezing in the Sonora.

I could hear you call my name.

I had been cheated at the moment when promise of life
Happiest, the fulfillment of holy, holy prophecy.

I had been promised children,
One to be monarch of new Golden Age,
A child to whom future ages might do homage.

I did not hesitate, but marshaled my forces
I frantically shouted with all my might 'Help!'
I was hoping to rescue you,
My beautiful wife, the love of my life.

Still perfumed and boutonnière,
Heady with the day's excitement,
Like some native sorcerer, a shaman
Whose vision had been magically enhanced
Through ritual drink, I could see in the darkness.
I ran headlong, inner light to guide me.

I chased the phantom that possessed you.

Your beauty, the allure of your physical self,
Your large brown eyes and olive complexion,
Your brunet tresses running down to your shoulders,
-- drapery of oh so special, awesome pulchritude –
The thought of your high intelligence,
Its value to material success in my life,
Your undeniable charm, your grace,
The mercy, at core, inspiration of my poetic ambitions,
Propelled me, you, the dream of you,
It animated my heart and lungs with incredible vigor.

I and my comrades launched search after search,
Soon the whole community joined to assist
For eight days we scoured the landscape,
Reaching down the most perilous ravines,
Walking the vast expanse for miles around
In the heat people fell to the ground exhausted.

We never found you.

I went to the priests and sought advice;
I prayed to the Savior, but it was no avail.

You were gone; we felt you were no longer with us.
I knew it yet could not let you go. I pinned.

I learned time had never been a friend.

Because these, all my efforts proved futile,
I am now a broken man, dead unto myself,
Unfit, and utterly homeless, my life now at end,
Devastated, no other woman may ever have me.

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