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Monday, November 12, 2007


A Few Miles North of Trenton, New Jersey

An impossibly large bed
Stretched sideways across the room.
Between its feet and a long chest of drawers
A narrow aisle ran the length
From the front door entrance
To the back of the room.

And you, there, in your underwear
Standing up against a cantilever table,
A vanity, half the room's width, with over-head,
Recessed lamps and a mirror mounted to the wall.
You were brushing your hair,
And with each stroke I saw
How your shoulder blades flexed.

I rose up from the bed,
Took a few steps,
And then, still from behind you,
I bent my torso forward at the waist,
And extended my arms so my hands
might clasp both your legs at the ankles.
Head-down, I pulled myself close to you.
My left shoulder found the center between
your buttocks and legs.
The left side of my chin touched on
the right back of your knee.

I was squatting and each of my hands was wrapped
around one of your respective ankles,

When I told you
That I had never personally encountered a woman
Who looked so much the better
naked than clothed.

'Wow!' Burst out. And you admitted
That I sure knew how to compliment a girl.

Woman! Trust my veracity.
For though dumb struck,
In my heart I recited the poet's
immortal words,
'Beauty is truth, truth beauty -- that is all
You know on earth, and all you need to know'.

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