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Friday, April 11, 2008



I know what to do!
I am not at a loss, despondent, nor down and out,

Not at all! I've got plenty of options.
I'll run an ad in Craig's List,

Or a personal in one of those free Weeklies.

I’ll write, Single, White, Male,
Looking for a muse,

A girl to inflame my verse,
Make my heart sing to wondrous refrain.

I'll say she must be educated and smart,
Tall, slim, and good with money,
A brunet, who has a pleasant smile,
And whose buttocks own an exquisite form.

I'll require her voice to possess subtle timbre,
Her smell to be sweet and, above all,
I'll want her disciplined in work and habit,
Someone to put me to bed early,
And early to arise, a woman who might be
Suitable mother for a child or two.

Oh! Did I forget to mention?
I want large brown eyes and an olive complexion.

So don't think, don't believe for a moment,
That you are elemental, like some sustenance
To happiness and breathe, for you are not. Ha!
You see how easily you can be replaced!

Get it straight! I know what to do.
Honest! It's not that big of a deal.
I’ll run an ad in Craig’s List,
Or a personal in one of those free Weeklies.

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