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Thursday, June 4, 2009

TOTEM, Oh Holy Animal!

Oh Holy Animal!

I have known you for sometime now,
And I always said, your physical appeal,
Honest, there is something about your lower fit,
The part between your hips, even beneath your jeans,
It shows just right to my eyes.

I imagine your breasts. They seem fine,
Tough I appraise them, yet under cover of your blouse.

Plus, let me take my remarks to another level,
I like your attention to detail,
I guess its just good business sense,
The way you notice how objects are placed,
How to display them with care in the shop,
And you seemingly show,
Have ability to do two things at once.

And my life, its path, it may require your spirit,
Your kind, and practical good will,
And then your body, your actual physical self,
I may need them both to survive.

Help! I, plaintive, call.
I must embrace you; engulf you in my arms,
Rub and, please, forgive the literal bent,
I needs be at meal with you, I want to devour you,
My dreams include intimate possession of you.

I am desperate. Some one works a bad magic.
The last time I went down to the river, I saw badgers.
They sported about on the bank, tossing their heads,
And laughingly, they grimaced at me.

What am I to do? I know you understand.
I call upon you, succor to break the spell,
Love, your love to lift me out from the cave,
Where shadows dance upon the wall,
And in the darkness I am chained to floor,
And held by the neck, unable to turn my head,
Adequately to perceive that a sorceress,
She manipulates images with puppets before a lamp.

She has me enthralled, dungeoned in deepest cell,
Where I have taken leave of my senses,
And day by day I further lose my sight

Lift me out, bring me into daylight,
Set me free. With you, my companion,
World, and with your flesh,
Yes, your limbs askew, you, my totem,
My holy animal, my dream comes true,

I might know delight and experience joy again.

Trust me. I mean them, all the words I say!

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