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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SOUL LODGING, A Love Poem after Some Ancient Lyrics

A Love Poem after Some Ancient Lyrics

Bear me, quickly hence!
Oh Great Heaven! Bear me
To lovely bedroom scene,
To where love sits,
To where she combs,
She combs her beauteous hair.

Take me, Oh Saving Grace!
Take me to where
My darling reigns,
She remains peerless,
Her wit and mind unparalleled.

The stillness of her flesh,
The steady rhythm, each,
To hear her tender-taken breath,
To see the cosmic glory of her face,
Supreme, she sleeps.

Her beauty, unmatched,
She dazzles without rival!

Serve me! Transport me,
Oh Holy Favor, ecstatic,
To her bed, my body, carry it,
Place it, my flesh,
Set it next to hers!

Next to her in repose,
My soul lodges happily.
She in towering keep,
No storm, no force of arms,
Nothing disturbs her enclosure.

In her embrace, life secure,
Peace of mind, assured.

Oh, Force Divine, deliver me!
Her safe fortress, a stronghold
Mortal monarchs merely hope to attain.

Bear me, quickly hence!

Make me, me the envy of kings!

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