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Monday, June 21, 2010

BLEEDING LOVE, How Divinity Empowers

How Divinity Empowers,

Somebody wrote me,
It was in response to a video;
He commented upon a YouTube upload,
One in which I read some love lyrics of mine.

The writer claims that a man my age
Should quiet and stay content --
Enjoy gardening,
Or the wonders of play with a grand child or two;
He questions how my moments are misspent,
The little time I may have, wasted in romance,
Stuck upon heart rendering verse?

Yea, sure, but grant me my life, and frankly
I care not a bit what purveyors of joylessness think.

Hey! Anyways,

I thank the commentator for his time,
The time he took to compose his thought,
I give that response its due,
Yet I insist, no fear, no worry of rebuke,
I have no problem when I proclaim.

I keep bleeding, bleeding in love.

I take delight when I say
That more command of Word,
That more love’s vocabulary resides within my little finger,
-- Audience, forgive the boast --
Than occupies all the many heads,
Which march in the armies of negativity!

I keep bleeding, bleeding in love.

Once Son of Man lost life,
He was crucified and nailed upon a cross,
And when He rising from the dead,
He fulfilled the Holy Writ and dies no more.
And we ourselves after Resurrection,
Shall be ‘Ever with the Lord,’
And lo and behold he who loves,
Not necessarily wisely, but well,
Remember the promise,
He shall be with Him today in heaven.

I keep bleeding, keep bleeding in love.

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