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Saturday, October 30, 2010



I lie on the bed here in our home.
On the TV screen,
I watched the DVD called The Last Waltz.

Its music has its way with my heart.
And a deep, unmistakably warm and tender emotion,
It floods up, I feel, as if I am immersed,
I swim in my fondness for you.

I see you through the open doorway.
You stand in the next room, working;
You inspect and prepare dresses,
Soon be packed away in luggage,
Merchandise you plan for sale on a trip abroad.

You have on your gray, cotton shorts,
The ones you usually wear around the house,
The ones with the drawstring front;
They have pink stripes on the side.

You sport a pale raspberry (a color,
Which I believe, favors your olive skin)

V-necked shirt and its short, tapered sleeves
Accent, compliment your toned, narrow arms.

I must declare, I do,
I do love you with all my soul
And I love you with every pound of pressure
My physical frame might exert.

In the morning, even before prayer or daily reflection,
When we wake I turn my head to you, and ask,
‘Have I told you how much I love you yet this morning?’

You reply, contract your brow and purse your lips,
And say, “No!”
And then I smilingly reply,
‘How much I love you yet this morning!’

In the afternoon I ask the same.
While we may drive about
And try to accomplish the day’s busy chores,
I divert my eyes from the highway for a moment,
Turn to you and say, ‘Darling!’ I say.
‘Have I told you how much I love you yet this afternoon?’

You shake your head from side to side.
You answer my interrogative, “No!”

And then I reply, dead-panned, but right,
As if I speak, direct,
From the very core of my inner most being,
– And although some one with a jealous ear
Might conclude that I am silly, or immature --
I intone, ‘how much I love you yet this afternoon!’

And now it is evening, and still, as always,
The questioning refrain remains the same.
And your answer no different than earlier, before,
I must necessarily declare.
I record it for all to know.
I want the world to know,

‘How much I love you yet this evening!’

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