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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

MIDNIGHT RECAP, 19 August 1976, Second Version

19 August 1976,
Second Version

Gad! It's Nancy Lake of North Carolina,

“Chairman, Richard Rosenblum of the Great,
The Oh-so-Great, Delegation from the State of New York”

Representatives proclaim their diverse cultures,
Highlight separate geographies, timed to a moment,
Tied to one central theme,
Arizona, Washington, Indiana, Illinois…
Texas, Alaska…, Chinese, Blacks,
Chicanos and I-talo-Americans,
All expected to take twenty-five seconds or less:

“I am honored to second the nomination…

“The man the American people can trust!

“It is with my great pleasure…

“We are proud to place the name --

“Miss Perez has set a record -- under fifteen seconds!


“The miracle of Joseph’s coat of many colors…

“A head and a heart! A living legend!

“The last line of defense…


“Gerald R. Ford for President!”

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