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Sunday, January 29, 2012

SOUR GRAPES, A Love Poem Styled after the Verse of Catullus

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A Love Poem Styled after the Verse of Catullus,

Understand, I always liked that guy, Fred,
Let’s just say, I was fond of him.
I respected him as a colleague.

Yet now, it is decades later;
My once good feelings for him have nosedived.

I mean one thing, certain, I felt you were his gal.

Of course, I was attracted to you,
Hey, your allure, it tempted me!
The way you stood, it complemented your height,
Made you demure, such poise,left knee bent forward,
Your shoulders tilted,
You brought your right shoulder down to the side,
And that smile of yours, allow me to say it,
You were gorgeous, and I always favored a brunet.

Not to forget your intelligence, hands down,
You, why you were the smartest woman I had ever met!

Nonetheless, propriety required I not make a move.
I was Fred's friend,
How would you expect me to behave?

And you must recall.
You do remember, don't you,
That I had been otherwise engaged!
Let's just say, I was very busy.

You might not have realized my busyness's full extent;
Facts are, I had been occupied on too many fronts.

I know. I know. I missed the bus.
The train had left the station. I had my chance.
Passed on what very well might have been,
God, when I think about it, the splendid opportunity,

Allowed them all to go by, life and happiness, years of it!

Let’s get it straight, the facts are the facts.
It had not been my fault, I swear!
It was that Fred, he had blocked my way,
He puffed himself up and proudly took the stance,
Made it clear that for all intent and purpose you were his.

I do not really care for the fellow anymore,
Even the thought of him bothers me.
I do not like repeating his name,
Yet now it amounts -- how time flies --
It amounts to more than thirty years later!

I want it known, the world to know,
Now and forever, my regret,
That I had missed,
Oh the wonderful chance to have experienced,
Love and life with you, please,
Understand! It had not been my fault,
I swear! He stood in my way.

Though once a friend,
I do not really care for that guy anymore, no,
Not a bit. The thought of him gets my stomach sick.

I do not even wish to repeat his name.

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