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Friday, July 6, 2012

ALWAYS, After Pablo Neruda's Poem, Siempre

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ALWAYS, After Pablo Neruda's Poem, Siempre

Do not believe, do not entertain,
If even for a moment, that I care,
I have no concern about those other men,
The lovers who came before me.

Come to me carrying an old boyfriend on your shoulders.
Show me a picture which has a hundred men sniffing your hair.
Conjure up a mother goddess image,
A thousand guys nestling between your breasts,
Or that you have had fellows worship, grovelling at your feet.
Flood me over as might the torrent of a Monsoon river,
When in mid July
It rushes out from a mountain-gulley slope in Goa.
Roar into me with a tidal wave of all your memories.
The debris of your keepsakes and
The bodies of your drowned lovers,
Let me see all that awful damage on the beach.
And as the great ocean sea recedes,
I shall stand and look to the wisdom
That all humanity succumbs to the timeless motion of the surf.

Yet here I am.
I wait, I am waiting for you.
No matter who you bring along,
We are alone, we shall always be alone,
We shall always be you and I.
Alone on earth to start our life anew.

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