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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


As of this date my YOUTUBE Channel has received 193,000 + Single Page Visits, Video Views! A Google Search of the terms Stanley Pacion YouTube Channel yields a result count of 1,930,00. 



Be not troubled.
Believe in me, in the dwelling, here, for you,
Not only in the physical space,
Upon whose floor our hearts' drama plays,
But in my soul where I have built a mansion,
Set a great kitchen wherein sits every proper appliance,
A refrigerator to keep perishables fresh,
An oven and range to cook and warm our meals.

I have built a pantry,
Super store of food and upon its shelves.
Your Quaker Oats for breakfast, and packages of flour,
Every kind of flour, spices and herbs, and then,
Special for you, I have a blue enamel colander
Which I have used to fill with apples and bananas.
We have a kitchen table, our chairs are modern and swivel;
They have a stainless footrest and a pedestal for a base.

In these rooms, not only plenty daily sustenance,
But also you will you find
Great store of ardor and emotional well being.

Our parlor has a sofa and two comfortable armchairs.
Off to the right, lies a dinning room with a hardwood table,
Its edge reverse-beveled; its surface has extension leaves
That our family might comfortably sit for a harvest feast,
Mark the other days of holiday celebration,
Or that we might offer
Our every-day thanksgiving prayer in the best setting.

From the ceiling of our halls and foyer
I have hung crystal chandeliers,
Light, so that our feet not stumble
Should we awake before sunrise
To begin our daily chores.

Darling, our bedroom windows have eastern exposure,
And are fit with drapes and liners, and our bed has
A comfortable mattress and high-thread-count sheets.
Two down pillows, one on each side, fluffed for our repose.

We shall have porcelain and silver vases for fresh flowers.

I continue to refurbish our home,
I have pledged my word.
My verse attests to my sincerity.
I demonstrate my readiness to receive you;
Happy domicile awaits your presence.

The Lord abides, proclaims a presence
For length of days, and assures health and long life.
Our peace shall fill the chests and the closets;
And our rooms shall appear to glow warmly,
Not from some decorator, designer expertise,
But because His grace, the abundance of Holy Spirit.

Where I am, I pray, there may you also be.
-- I know you will keep your promise --
And wherever, should it happen that I must go,
I ask that you prove yourself true,
And follow me to that same place, too.

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