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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

RESPOND TO THIS VIDEO, A Poem About Friendship

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A Poem about Friendship

Respond to this video.
Tell me, dear audience,
Tell me what to consider,
Or tell me what you may believe.
How do I handle it?
Is there a way?
I can not be friends with her;
She is no friend to me.

Tell me what to do.

It’s not that she’s bad,
Or evil beyond belief;
Yet she has broken her every promise,
No regard for holy vow,
And the real truth behind her lies,
And herein some sympathy is required,
She has a hard time dealing,
Living in the everyday world.
She does not feel much in common,
Feels she has little to do with all the other girls,
Who have a fit in the regular world.

Tell me, dear audience,
Tell me what to do!
My heart’s been rendered,
Seems as though split in two,
Torn along the lines,
A perpetual refrain:

Nothing to win, and
Nothing left to lose.

“Oh, you’re such a pretty girl,
Why are you so skinny?”
That’s what the ladies ask,
When she is just standing there,
Standing at a stop waiting for the bus.

Let me tell you what she said,
I tell you, dear audience,
What she once revealed to me,
She said that she’s always starving.
Now I know how she got so worn away.

I have seen her get thinner,
Thinner by the day.
She can not finish her dinner.
She imagines cottage cheese;
Sees it form on the back of her legs.

Let me whisper a secret.
Maybe it will elicit a comment or two.
The first appliance I bought for the house.
It was a white, electronic scale.

She will not step on the scale.
Claims I take the wrong approach.

Her bleeding, it stopped some time ago,
But no problem here, when there’s the pill,
Tweak the hormone and, anyway,
What’s so important?
Why the big deal?

Really, I can hear her say it,
As if she were present,
Right before me and talking into my face.
She would be all pretend and diffident,
Yet with the skinny sarcasm in her voice.
Oh that is she, little miss perfect!

“Come on!  I get it;
 “Don't go worrin' your head.
 “Relax, no problem!
“My blood, it’s flowing!
“I’ve got a show right now.”

Respond to this video.
Tell me, dear audience,
Tell me what you think,
Or tell me what you believe.
I can’t be friends with her.
She can not be a friend to me.
She's no friend to anyone;
She's no friend even to herself.

Nothing for me,
Nothing to win and
Nothing left to lose.
It’s so awful, very weird,
Still I hear me say it.
I know she still loves me,
Yet how can she love me
When she doesn't love herself.

Will she ever live without worry,
Might she ever be carefree again?

Can it be she’s really dying?
Dear God, I am glad that
I can not know...
I can not know the truth.
She jogs for miles,
Goes to the gym every other day,
Claims the thing -- she has it,
One day she told me,
“Down, cold, and under-control!”

My heart is broken,
All I can do is pray.

She's runnin', she is running away from me.

I can’t be friends with her,
She can not be a friend.
She's no friend to anyone,
She can not find love for herself.

What else can I do?
What am I missing?
I’ve never doubted her beauty!
Please, tell me, tell me.

Merciful Heaven!
Is there any thing,
Tell me if there is some thing,
Any thing that I might do?

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