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Monday, January 25, 2016

FOOLISH LOVE [The Video has English Subtitles]

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FOOLISH LOVE, Rewrite, June 2011

Oh love, oh love, oh foolish love,

You make me feel as if,

I had drunk a gallon of Jack Daniels --

That I am powerless and my life unmanageable.

Oh love, oh love, oh foolish love,

I fear that Grace might not restore my sanity.

I stay up nights and pine away;

Allow my will to run to self riot.

Oh love, oh love, oh foolish love,

Where did I go wrong?

How was I not able to see that your allure,

Your devilish witchery, would ruin whatever

The chance I once had had

To check my faults of character.

Oh love, oh love, oh foolish love,

My age, my length of years,

Was I too slow to figure the sum,

Had wisdom failed me, and rendered me prey

A hundred times to the same old line?

You have broken my heart,

Enfeebled my muscles,

And many bones in my body ache.

You have cut my life to the quick.

The pain you cause, I know, I know!

Oh love, oh love, hope now gone,

For me nothing more, there is nothing more,

 But day after day of misery.

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