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Wednesday, July 9, 2008



Children see me run through the streets,
And wonder, what is it all about, my hurrying.

My eyes push forward,
Cause me to squint,
And then I break into smile.

Night after night in steady flow,
Ideas collect; press fierce,
Hard against my brow.

The pressure makes for heat, then fire in the brain.

I hear words march, with noise
Akin to soldiers' boots slapping on pavement.

I see your face.
The beauty of your large brown eyes, Makes my brain run riot,
Engulfs my neural circuitry.

Oh I smell wheat grass!
It's being blended with fresh strawberries and oranges.

I love the juices' heady odor,
When ever I breathe it in --
I am reminded of you.

I remember looking out the window.
We sat upon stools And people watched the intersection,
Corners at avenue and street, the sidewalk before us, Our theater, and we agreed, It was pleasant evening’s entertainment.

Pressed, cardboard cartons contained our suppers.
We ate our meals with plastic forks and knives;
The napkins were recycled paper.

Believe me, no irony intended. Honest!
Every memory, every instance
My being with you, was so lovely!

Here's my defense.
However I may wonder,
If I possess truth or fall to illusion,
I know that those two forces tie me,
Like Siamese Twins,
Born to share common cerebrum.

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