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Friday, January 30, 2009

PLEDGING MY LOVE, Abide with Me, Edited

Abide with Me,

Abide with me for fast fall eventide.
Darkness deepens with alacrity,
Nothing halts the night.

Stay with me while time permits,
When other helpers fail,
And other comforts flee.
Accept I mean the best,
Help, where others only helpless seem.

I want to be alone with you.

Though so many things to tell,
One thing sums it right,
One thing huge, deep and great,
Its with ocean of delight,
My heart embraces you.

You, my love, are all my life today.

Allow my help, I mean to assuage
What ever wrongs cause distress,
Spare your soul from bottom and regret.

When hopeless seems the word of day,
I wish to assure, reveal truth,
Though you in mortal moment seem
Great light, it is infinity blesses you.

Happy outcome, your every secret dream,
An absolute alignment, Gods will be done,
That power to carry it out,

And to top it off!

May you receive the greatest gift,
That you love prayer and proclaim,
When sun arise and you wake to day,
Thank you, Lord, for life,
And all you have done for me.

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