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Friday, May 29, 2009

LOVESICK, After a Fassbinder Soliloquy

After a Fassbinder Soliloquy

It’s almost June now in NYC,
But the weather remains unseasonably cold and rainy.

A lot is happening in the world.

A 4.4 magnitude earth quake hit southern California.
Ten strong, aftershocks followed it!

A commuter turbo jet crashed into a suburb
Outside Buffalo, New York, killing all on board,
Another person died on the ground.
The FAA pointed to human error as the cause,
Seems insufficient training was a root,
Besides both pilot and his co, they were probably
Too tired to handle effectively the emergency,
It was fast icing, which overcame the aircraft.

A new premier in India insures the sub Continent’s
Economic stability, a moderate, his landslide, Commentators claim, has had a grand effect for
It holds left-wing experimentalists in check.

Of course, the trouble in Pakistan continues;
The army now attacks the local citizenry, as national
Government attempts to wrest control from Taliban.

The Sri Lankan majority has defeated its Tamil foes.

Hard to believe a place like North Korea has A-Bombs,
And it threatens with far-reaching, missile delivery to boot.

The world faces nuclear \?nĂ¼-kl?-?r disaster from many fronts.

Hold it! Here’s a happy news brief:
The Space Shuttle’s crew spent five days repairing the
Hubble telescope and has now safely returned to earth.

Another pleasant thought or two, from the society pages,
Brad and Angelina have worked out differences,
And media report she is pregnant, again!

And Marc and Jenny ‘from the block’ they appear happy!

Women are my weak point, a mortal failing.
When I kiss one, I start to think of another,
Then begin to wonder about a third.

Sure women are my chief weakness,
But what is a man to do?

I can not help myself, and even
Were I go broke chasing women,
I would write ‘sold out’ on the door to my heart.

The other day, I was behind ‘A…’ in queue.
We were at the supermarket,
I looked down along her leg from the back,
Saw the way her sneakers embraced her feet,
Saw the way her blue jeans cuffed her ankles,
And realized how desperately with her I remain in love.

Back in the days when I enjoyed the drinking life,
A woman at the bar, and here I note,
She claimed that she would tear out an eyelash.
‘And stab you with it dead,’ she said.

‘Then I’ll take my lipstick and paint you all red.

‘And if you are still mean to me
Why I know what I’ll do.

‘I’ll order fried eggs, and throw spinach on you!

‘You, you, you!

‘I’ll order fried eggs and throw spinach on you!’

For this week and weekend the “L” subway line
Announces repairs between 12:00 and 5:00AM,
No service between Myrtle Ave. and Canarsie stations.

The MTA plans new experimental doors
To avoid costly repairs, which occur when customers
Force normal openings and closings to fit their hurry.

‘Attention. Caution. Don’t board the train. Stand Back!’

A new set of warnings to add to the ubiquitous alerts,
Advising passengers to report all suspicious packages,
And that no individual should attempt their removal,
For disposal being the sphere proper to authorities.

‘Do not walk between cars at any time!’
A voice warns riders of another possible offense.

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