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Friday, July 24, 2009

NOW VOYAGER, A Poem In Four Parts, Part III

A Poem In Four Parts,
Part III

'Today', the specter says,
‘Before I appear in vision to you,
A fierce fit seized my brain, and I took my sword
And smashed it mightily against this stone
Which our men had trundled from the moraine,
A monument on whose face
Inscribed characters memorialized my life.’

Wordlessly he hands me a leather roll to unfurl.
It is a runic manuscript and though
The writing was olden, Svenska, I could read it!

'My Darling Brunet,’ the salutation goes,

'I am your countryman, a remote ancestor,
I tell you true, and whether you believe me or not,
Or how you choose to act,
The matter rests entirely with you.
Nonetheless I urge you. Harken!

‘Death has deprived me of ability to speak,
The poet’s verse, the dream
It communicates to you, is channel,
The vehicle this ghost employs,
Without this medium no correspondence would exist.

‘You have heard of the hurried activity that
Animates the point of embarkation,
Note anticipation of mere material success,
It dwarfs so much noble human endeavor.
The business these ships portend had once been mine.

‘The business the ships portend had been mine.

‘And now voyager, you, like we before you,
Pursue the world to bring it to your feet,
You seek new riches and hope
To bring them home to dazzle compatriots.

‘Yet, whatever the greatness now awaits you,
Yours can not compare to ours, to our accomplishment.

‘Forgive the invidious note. Still mull it over,
Allow me this moment. Imagine it!

‘The joy! We sat well in order
And smote the sounding furrows,
And sailed into the sunrise
We headed toward the baths of the morning stars.

‘And when we landed, we crossed a vast,
Unnamed landmass between Europe and Asia,
Harnessed captives to forge the rivers,
Fought numberless skirmishes,
We used native allies to establish posts for trade.

‘And while we traveled we beseeched Odin,

‘Oh Father! Oh Father of Fathers! Oh Allfather!
Soak us in the blood of enemies, and let its
Stenches increase our fury. Help us to violence!
Oh Great God guide us to kill any whom defy us.

‘The greater bloody smell that filled our nostrils,
The more the madness drove us to fight and conquer.

‘And when we lit the funeral pyres,
Made from the ships of our current travel,
And burned the bodies of our fallen comrades
Into the heaven that awaits the warrior,
Our hair became matted thick,
We were crowned with the ash of the departed.
In the smoke from those fires
We breathed in the spirits of heroic conquest.

‘We were men of prayer and momentous belief,
Utterly we turned our will and
We turned our lives over to care of Father.

‘And I ask, again, how yours may compare to ours,
How may yours compare to our conquest of the East.

‘We founded Kiev, established the thrones
That became the Royal house of a great nation.

‘All the way from the soil of Stora Alvaret,
We crossed the Bosphorus,
And battled foes on the plains outside Byzantium,
Our work was in the employ of oriental Emperors.

‘We had vanquished the expanse of land
We ruled from Baltic to Black Sea.

‘And when we returned to homeland shores
We had ships filled with slaves and honey.
We brought woman companions North,
Awesome beauties of the East were ours.
We stole the horses of the Hungarians and the Czechs.

Our hulls bore bags upon bags of gold and silver coin,
And were heaped with all variety of fruit,
Our ships returned laden with pelts, fur against our winters.

We had returned home rich beyond measure.

‘Now I am but a shade, truly ghost of former self.
No one need tell me how great the events
How the gravestone script commemorates
The immortality of your ancestors’ deeds and mine.

‘Yet nothing matches the warmth, the memory,
My dear wife’s body lay in bed, her sleeping next to me.

‘Once, and now so many years ago,
I happened upon my wife while she lifted
Our son to seat him on the front plank
Of an oxcart parked in the front of our home.

‘I must convey that there be
More lasting memory and real worth for me,
In the way dappled sunlight
Had illuminated my son's head,
Than is upon all the runes in the homeland today.

‘Our paths emerge but for a while
Then close forever within a dream.

‘Time cuts us a length so short only the moment
May be savored, all else is vanity,
And once we recognize the transitory,
The fleetingness of all we savor,
We may seize the instance and know treasure.

‘I am a shade. My victories mean nothing.

‘Were I only able to spend
An hour more in bed with my beloved,
Could I once more bear living witness
To sun’s light across tree tops at height of day.

‘If only it possible to play, to tumble,
To crawl along with my toddler son,
Were we to have opportunity for our knees
And our hands to be upon this earth once more.

‘Goodbye! Sweet woman, Goodbye!

‘Farewell! Farewell! Remember me!’

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