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Friday, July 10, 2009

SUGAREE, Singing in the Rain, Edited

Singing in the Rain, Edited

Yes, Darling, Yes!
That’s how it went,
How I saw it back in the day.

I stood up before the stage at Fillmore, East,
And the girls, they were dancing,
And in the crowd, next and behind the band,
They were sashaying and Jerry,
He was playing, it was if,
Apollo handed him the lyre.
And Phil ran the bass,
By God, he transported us, tight,
Hitting those four strings,
On top the frets, up and down the neck,
And two drums and the other guitar,
The whole rhythm section was the purple gang,
Pig Pen keyed the B52, and with that organ sounding,
Yeah! We might as well have been in church,

And though inside within the concert hall,
It felt like we all might be,
All of us, standing in the pouring rain,
How else, I know no other way to tell it!

I saw Betty Boop, she was dancing,
Dressed, like she was girl from Hawaii,
I was happy for the wink she gave me.

There were other women, too,
On the beach, barefoot, their hands beckoning,
Bedecked in grass skirts doing the hula,
Waving motions signaled me closer,
Heaven, was I in heaven?

My heart beating, I could no longer think,
I seemed to find all the happiness a man could seek,

And we turned to one another, and smiled,
Yet the lyrics, the words were unkind,
About some gal who had done her man wrong,
We were singing a lullaby,
Its strains carried our souls,
We were whistling and clapping, we sang,

“Shake it, Shake it, Sugaree”

How else? I know no other way to tell it!
All of us were standing, dancing,
We were singing in the pouring rain.

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