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Thursday, April 19, 2012


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Abide With Me

Abide with me for fast closes day. 
Darkness deepens with alacrity, 
Nothing halts the night. 

Stay with me while time permits. 
Although other comforts flee, 
Accept I mean the best, 
Spare your soul from bottom and regret. 

In every deed, and in my every word, 
I want to be true, do right by you. 
Though many things to tell, 
One thing sums it right, 
One thing huge, deep and great, 
With ocean of delight, 
My heart embraces you.

You, my love, are all my life today.

I wish to assure, let it be known,
Though you in mortal moment seem,
Great Light, Infinity, blesses you.

Happy outcome, whatever your secret dreams,
That they find an absolute alignment,

God’s will be done,
And that you have the power to carry it out.

And I add,

I hold belief, whose strength
No public fire, no coliseum of wild, hungry beasts,
No awful rendition, torture in far-off land,
Might ever shake, nothing my faith dissuade,

Yes! Certain, as I write,
For you awaits the greatest gift --
That at the hour when you awake and start the day,
You will have come to believe,
And learn to say a simple prayer,
‘Thank You. Thank You, Lord, for life,
And yet all You do for me.’

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