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Saturday, September 29, 2012


As of this date my YOUTUBE Channel has received 185,000 + Single Page Visits, Video Views! A Google Search of the terms Stanley Pacion YouTube Channel yields a result count of 4,530,00.

From childhood on he had earned his reputation.

He was known to be the type of guy,
Who studied every brick and crack,
And by sight alone, so jailhouse legend claims,
He could spot a weak steel bar.

Escape was always on his mind.

He was a single-minded psychopath,
Always on the run, he loved disguises,
And had plenty of aliases and false IDs.
The man could hide in plain sight.

*He was convicted of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. He confessed to the crime and passed on a jury trial. A habitual criminal, Ray was sentenced to 99 years in prison. Later he recanted his confession and unsuccessfully tried to gain a trial. He died in prison in 1998.

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