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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

MIDNIGHT RECAP, 19 August 1976

As of this date my YOUTUBE Channel has received 185,000 + Single Page Visits, Video Views! A Google Search of the terms Stanley Pacion YouTube Channel yields a result count of 4,530,00.
19 August 1976

Gad! It's Nancy Lake of North Carolina,

Chairman, Richard Rosenblum of the Great,
The Oh-so-Great, Delegation from the State of New York”

Representatives proclaim their diverse cultures,
Highlight separate geographies;
They are timed to a moment, tied to one central theme.
The fifty individual states of the Union, 
Arizona, Washington, Illinois and Indiana…
Texas, Alaska… Alabama and Michigan...,
The great cultures, the ethnographic mix of this nation,
Caucasians, Chinese, Blacks,
Cubans, Chicanos, Italian-Americans, Native Peoples,
All expected to take twenty-five seconds or less:

I am honored to second the nomination…

The man the American people can trust!

It is with my great pleasure…

We are proud to place the name --

Miss Perez has set a record -- under fifteen seconds!


The miracle of Joseph’s coat of many colors…

A head and a heart! A living legend!

The last line of defense…


Gerald R. Ford for President!”

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