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Monday, October 22, 2012


As of this date my YOUTUBE Channel has received 187,000 + Single Page Visits, Video Views! A Google Search of the terms Stanley Pacion YouTube Channel yields a result count of 4,530,00.


Who do you love the best
Me or one of the other boys,
The others who have been part of your life?

I believe you love me for my poems,
And the other guys because of their good looks.

Excuse me! I am sure that I know
How those former lovers write.
I would wager, their compositions stink!

They are schoolboys at their lessons.
Their vocabulary weak and grammar amiss.
Their voice never amounts to truth
For they have not learned,
They are not practiced in language of the heart.

A girl like you would never fall,
Never give herself over to some inconsequential chap,
Even were he rich in goods,
Or have a ton of money in the bank,
Honestly, I doubt that it would be worth
Any man's while to court you, useless, I would say,
Unless he had verse at his command. 

You will have poetry in your life, and soulful adventure.

You will have love, above all else, love!  No!
Not artful, not postures of love, but absolute love,
All-out, heedless, besotted, running a muck,
Head over heels, love, as if, you were God-struck.

You will have an ardency whose heart-beat mirrors
The atomic steady of electrons about a nucleus,
An affection which possesses an endurance
Beyond the permanence of any artifact of marble,
Any work of bronze,
And puts to shame the pretense of those,                
The ancient pyramids of Egypt or the other monuments,
Heights and circles of stone and rock,
Whose makers stake a claim to victory over time.


The love you will have, the heart, a color and brightness,
A beacon from the farthest reaches of space-time,
A light by which all other lights are measured.

Too bad, honey!  Too bad for you!
You must know, and as for you as well as
For all the other suitors, please,
Think on it a bit, tell me the man,
Who may compare, or even place
Reasonable second in the ultimate competition,
Who but me might win the race for your heart? 

Sorry!  But it’s over, no choice,
It is just the luck, the fate which has befallen you.
Its story line, no earthly origin, not an everyday script,
The author knows when the sparrow falls,
He has count of the hairs upon your head,
Understand, accept, and embrace wisdom,
Let me call it, Destiny, and proclaim,
You have won the election.
A bright new day floods the horizon.

Mercy on whom mercy has has been granted, and
Compassion on whom compassion has been granted,
Not by any human will or its exertion,

But by the power of heaven and its justice.

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