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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It won’t be long now,
Our love, how it plays its final story,
Like all else in world’s glory,
Soon end and be no more.

Perhaps we never meet again.
We learn the awful ache,
What separation means,
When time runs out and we see
It’s too late to mend a heart
That has been rendered, torn apart.

Right now I feel it’s true,
We will never meet again, while
Yet we remain this side of heaven, while
Still we abide earth’s shore of the river.

Strange, yeah, our fragile hope
That you stop it with your forked tongue,
Abandon your bad habit, and proclaim,

Admit it; you broke the deal,
And, as for me, you know the story,
Surrender, otherwise, forget it,

Just say to all, to one and all,
I am gone, you’ve done me wrong.
I swear, I don’t care, I don’t care.
I am gone. Gone, Gone, Gone,

I am through with you in my face.

The hurt is real bad.
You hardly ever told the truth,
Employed every kind of subterfuge,
Remember the time when I implored you,
Asked, time and time, again,
A simple request, I wanted a few month’s itinerary.

You pretended not to know the meaning,
You pretended not to know
The meaning of the common English word,
And when you finally succumbed,
Sent me your plans,
Not a word of it proved true.

Awful, actually very sad,
After all the time we had spent together,
Face it! Your miserable fate, lousy life,
All of it predicated upon treachery.
All of it amounts to a pack of lies.

I’ve had it! I’m really gone! Moved on,
Because you done me wrong!

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