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Thursday, October 9, 2008


Hey! Hey! Heart!
For you, a solid jam.
A romantic tune,
How boy feels ‘bout a girl.

You're always on my mind, yeah.

How boy feels ‘bout girl,
At heart of verse,
Everyday blaitently xx
Do you know how it feels
When all I do is,
Is miss you?
Brap brap 5 star, jme sik man
You're always on my mind.

I do a wicket trax.
I drop some other lines,
That you might know
Dis shiznit’s
Shizzle for sure!

Miss you
Suffer awesome, real bad,
Real bad from the lack,
What I am yearnin’ 4
I wait the empty night?
What am I wantin’ 4?

Your face, you and me,
That pillow’s empty next to mine!
In the midnight hour,
Heaven help!
Darling, ever since the day,
When you went away,
Preguntas: Never better a song,

Can I? Can I live without you?
Baby, come on back,
Come back. You know
You know 4sure
I still love you.

Harmony, up-and-down, playin’
Tells a story in my head

How a man feels ‘bout a girl,
Da poem mean to be da bomb,
It's the an, anthem for lovers.

I give you all of me,
But you are not here to see
Me down upon my knees,
No thing's gonna change,
I say a big word, promise,
You got to ad mid IT,
Big UP Weedy-G!

G’s on dee monee,
My sweet love stays the same,
Hey! Hey! My love stays the same!
What I am yearnin’ 4,

I wait the empty night?
What am I wantin’ 4,
If not you?
Oh! no one else,
No one else will do.

Girl! You know
I wait to see you,
I feel joy inside!
Be mine! Love deep,
Know I still love you!
Shit, perky choon
Know I still love you,

That pillow’s empty next to mine.

Baby, I can't hold you,
All these lonely, lonely times.
I just want to tell you
Even if it's a loop,
Big tune

And it reremixzz 57dimes
Over, over again
I'm so happy you were mine.
Can’t stop, Whiteboizhustlenflow
Don't want to fool.

Dis love is mint,
My heart belongs heavy, you,
No body else! Nobody else,
Bless! Bless would do!

Even if I play it, over, over again,
Sixty X twenty three, this mornin’,
I start
Beyond wordz dark mix onn my page :/
I'm so happy you,
That's what I'm,
What am I yearnin’ 4
Each and every empty night
Mi done tell u I say it tuff
To have your lips on mine.

Hey! Hey! Heart!

For you, a solid jam.
A romantic tune,
How boy feels ‘bout girl.

What am I wantin’ 4
To have you close,
I need you all the time!
Take me in, your,
Your one and only,
Whitty boiz’s here!
Me done tell u,
I say it tuff.

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