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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SERENDIPITY, Against All Odds

Against All Odds

I know it's cosmic!
It's like, heavy, man!

Mystery inscrutable to regular analytical tool,
A Logic whose outcome sits beyond
Scope of rational, academic exercise!

Even with reference to twenty, ancient texts
I could not begin to fathom
How in a parking garage,
That on weekends became a swap meet,
A regular New York City antique flea market,
With stalls and all kinds of old and colorful goods,
Jareck, a friend, and my helper,
Who always had kept counsel his own,
-- This, the one instance, for he never, never
Interfered, ventured opinion on any other matter! --
Interrupted the normal, business routine,
The booth’s weekly setup,
And with all the patience he could muster,
Explained to me, not once, but on a least, half-dozen,
Separate occasions, a notion, about our being right,
Good, one for the other, in every special way.

He said you wanted me.
You later objected,
Said no such thought ever entered your head,
That his estimation was wrong, yet admitted
Women frequently flirt to their advantage.

I had noticed you, to be sure!

You were a regular customer,
But no thought of romance had entered my ken.
I had not imagined us a suitable couple.

No! Not at all,
Until the one, very early morn when,
During a heavy rainstorm, I drove across Brooklyn
To collect you from the hostel
For our first daylong excursion, and brought you a
Single exotic flower in a clear glass vase.

You, sister, Oeland, Baltic island woman;
I sprung from the land-locked plains of Illinois.

Consider it, the millions-to-one odds
Stacked against our favor, I... I, I mean, duh!

I trust you may come to believe

This thing of ours rests outside human command.
And let’s remember,
Whatever the divine designates together

No mortal may draw asunder.

This is it! I do! I do love you!

Tonight the pilot naps in the back seat.
I fly the aircraft. The bright,
Rollover arrows signal the glide path.
And over the wire direct to my ear,
Ten thousand watts propel the voice.
It says, 'You do! You do love her!'

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