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Friday, April 10, 2009

SHOUT OUT, Ecstasy Overpowers


Ecstasy Overpowers

Uneasy, when it came to sex.
You made me feel
I was doing you wrong.
Your body stiffened,
And. I remember. once you said,
‘Too incredibly intimate.’

Later I watched in movies,
Men drop to the knees,
It seem nothing special,
No more than regular business,
Hollywood does its usual fare.

In a recent film with a Bedouin setting,
North Africa, camels on route,
Over windy hills of sand, oasis to oasis,
Hardly a trend setter,
The lead takes his captive,
Wife number three, and there
Within the walls of village home,
He keels, while camera spies,
He takes love by mouth.

Since I knelt before you,
It’s months now.
I wish I might kneel,
As the sheik did!
But you, and health, and work,
And sleep, they have gone,
Fled irrevocably!

I wake in the middle of shouts.

I taste you, still.
The taste, it fills my mouth.
I try to write,
But swoon instead.

Were I not driven, lost to distraction,
Able to clear my mind and gain proper distance,
This poem might be better by far.

Oh, Oh goodness!
Fetch a chair! ...Never mind,
I’m fine. I’m okay.

It’s the terrible heat!

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