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Thursday, April 30, 2009

WHAT IS IT? An Adaptation of E.Fried’s, WAS ES IST?
An Adaptation of Erich Fried’s,

It’s nonsense,
Says Reason;
It is alpha and omega,
Says Heart.

It brings suffering,
Nothing but unending pain,
We may never breach
The Grand Canyon,
This separates us,
No matter how many,
We celebrate,
The wedded years, the bliss,
Rejoins Analysis.

It is the beginning and ending,
Hence the chief, the whole,
Affection mightily counters.

The height of irresponsibility,
It seduces us
From nobility and labor,
And would have us forget,
The disappointment,
That sad story we already know.
Insanity to repeat
What had happened before,
And expect, again, different result,
Reckons Logic.

No! Not so,
Love hollers.

It is a state of grace,
Not the means
To one thing, or another,
But end onto itself,
The first and the last,
It signifies God’s Eternity,
Claims my Desire.

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