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Friday, February 17, 2012

CATULLUS POEM 5, An Adaptation of an Ancient Roman Love Poem

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An Adaptation of an Ancient Love Poem

I am here to repeat ancient wisdom:

What do we care what the joyless say?
They should get lost, all of them!

Once our tiny, brief light is pinched out,
There be no night, like that everlasting night,
When earth, it replaces heaven.

So let’s kiss, and let’s kiss again.
Let’s kiss a thousand times, and, then,
Let’s do it all over again, those kisses.

How many? How many? How many?
How many, you say?

Let’s not number our kisses.
There are people with evil eyes,
Workers of black magic,
Who would wish to bewitch us.

They should not know how many.

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