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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

LOSING YOU, A Very Early Morning Love Poem

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A Very Early Morning Love Poem

Petal, now that is a great name for a woman.
It is not your name, nonetheless it is great.

Do you honestly believe that you might travel about,
Husband your every business deal,
Allow me to be home alone for months on end,
Then happy to collect you at the airport,
Joyous when you walk through the door,
Or thrilled the times I pay for your dinner?

You very well might be sorely mistaken.
It appears that you have a love you cannot keep.

You have been so selfish in your pursuits.
"How long, pray,
Will you take advantage of my patience?"

You hardly wrote to me at all, and I gather
Some of my letters to you have not been read,
And many of the topics I raised, not addressed.

You have been warned, time and again.
Our life together has been too tightly wound.
Your busy schedule precludes common wisdom.

You have forgotten that in this world,
In this world of ours life soon passes.
We walk these streets a few times,
Before too long we disappear and are gone.
No second chance, we do not return again.

The fact remains I can not take your absence.
I miss the warmth of your flesh next to mine.
My heart breaks when I turn my head in bed,
And see the pillow empty, without your face.

And now it becomes very early morning
And, you know me, that I speak truth
When I say, I have not slept for days.

Tomorrow I go to meet Pastor Borner.
Then I have an appointment with my Doctor,
And, although my face might not show
How tired I actually am,
I really have no way to disguise my sadness.

I always smile but in my eyes my sorrow shows.

Maybe you will get one more chance,
It could happen, I guess.

Yet the fact remains that our love affair is over,
Where once happiness had reigned,
Woe takes its place.

I no longer wish to speak with you.

Any future for this thing of ours seems a dim prospect.

I have lost all hope.
I have no faith that we shall ever see each other again.

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