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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A LOVE POEM, Found Written on a Page in a Cooking Magazine

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Found Written on a Page
in a Cooking Magazine,

Fourth Version, 2012

The man had more than a few weird quirks.
Among them, he enjoyed writing in code.

He invented a special kind of shorthand,
Which allowed him to keep business records
In a language comprehensible only to himself
And the one friend to whom he had entrusted
The secret of how to read his cipher.

At the entrance to his apartment,
Within the middle of his foyer,
The man mounted a two-foot bronze of the god, Mercury.
He centered the statue upon a Corinthian-styled,
White marble pedestal.

The sculpture's left leg was horizontally extended.

In the air and at eye-level a winged, golden metal sandal
Passed beyond the boundary of the art work's stone base.

Mercury's right foot was firmly cemented at the tip of the toe;
The pose conveyed the messenger-god's typical post-haste.

Throughout the apartment the man used cryptic labels to mark
The boxes and folders of everything he possessed.

Visitors could readily see
Scores of items which bore his encryption.

Some have said he was quite mad!

In truth his peculiarities skirted insanity.
Yet when it came life's basics,
His manner of speech stayed straightforward.

And he wrote in the King's English.

He said, "I love you."

And he proclaimed for all that care to hear,
In script and voice alike,
"I worship the ground upon which you walk."

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