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Monday, September 15, 2008

SICK OF LOVE, Forthright


I offer my sincere apology.
I have been selfish
For I have arrogantly believed
I have given enough of myself
Over this last year plus to merit,
If not love, then at least respect,
A home, my heart,
And every kind of affective support,
Was I not a gentle, loving soul?

You asked me for patience,
What more of that virtue
Might any mortal expect?

Have I not offered to put your life
Before my own, I would die for you!

Is that not enough?
Tell me! Tell me!
Know not what you have done?

How is it that at this moment
Loving you seems so wrong?

Call upon Mercy,
Pray you might be exalted,
Act in accordance,
His will be done,
Now on earth as it is in heaven.

Understand for sake of your soul,
For good of your physical wellbeing,
Right exists, there is wrong.

Who throws away love?
I know the answer, I was sad,
I was once sick, too.

Darling, I see fire in the trees.
I dream a terrible dream,
Men with touches approaching!
The heat has become intense.
A conflagration readies to surround us.
What hope remains of rescue?

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