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Monday, September 15, 2008



Bear me, quickly hence!

Oh! Some god, bear me
To lovely bedroom scene,
To where Love sits,
To where she combs,
She combs her beauteous hair.

Take me, oh merciful divinity!
Take me to where
Grace reigns among her peers
With her wit and mind,
Mercy! She remains unparalleled.

The stillness of her flesh,
The steady rhythm of breath,
Cosmic glory of her face,
Supreme, she sleeps
At rest her beauty, unmatched,
I contend she has no rival!

Serve me! Transport me,
By heaven powered, ecstatic,
To her bed, my body, transport it,
Place it, my body! Place it, my flesh,
Set it next to hers. Ready it for love!

Next to her in repose,
My soul lodges happily,
She is towering keep.
No storm, no force of arms,
Nothing disturbs her enclosure.

In her embrace, life secure,
Peace of mind, assured.

Oh force divine, deliver me
To her safe fortress!
The stronghold mortal monarchs
Merely hope to attain.

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